De Noordpole

-Groninger Pole dance Association-

Myrthe fotoshoot


Registrations are closed!

The regular registrations for this academic semester are full. Got a lot of prior experience in pole dancing and still interested in joining? Please mail us at, and maybe we can arrange something!

New merchandise for our members

If you want to see what incredible merchandise The Noordpole is offering, please check out our Merchandise page!

Every expert was once a beginner

Meet our trainers!

All of our trainers are passionate and expierenced pole dancers. To learn more about our trainers, please see the trainers page in the menu! (or click here)

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This is what we offer

Club trainings

We have four beginner classes, two intermediate 1 classes, one intermediate 2 class and one advanced class, so there’s bound to be something for you!

We always start each class with a proper warming-up. After that, the training starts! The training is different every week; sometimes the trainer teaches a choreography, other times she will work on technique, strength or flexibility. The trainer will explain and demonstrate the new moves every lesson, and then you can try for yourself! We always end with a good cooling down and stretch routine to get you more flexible and to prevent injuries.


Great activities

Next to the training sessions, we offer a lot of social activities. Every year, our activities committee the AcCie organizes fun activities you can attend, such as the opening activity, Sinterklaas, club weekend, a photoshoot, demonstration lessons and several workshops!

Monthly drinks

Every second Thursday of the month, we host an informal drink with three other associations: G.S.K.V Northside Barbell, Deltaserat & G.S.B.V. Pugilice! You can always find more details about our social drinks at our Facebook page, through the newsletter and in the group chats.

We hope to see you all there!