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New merchandise for our members

If you want to see what incredible merchandise The Noordpole is offering, please check out our Merchandise page!

Club Championship are, as sad it is to say, cancelled

As sad as it is to say, we, as an association, have to cancel the club championship on the 14th April as we have had too little sign-ups… 🙁 We are very sorry for this horrible inconvenience but don’t worry you will have a chance to perform that amazing choreography you were working on!

Please check out our news page to find out what this (amazing) activity is!!!

Every expert was once a beginner

Meet our trainers!

All of our trainers have an instructors certificate and train on advanced level. To learn more about our trainers, please see the trainers page in the menu! (or click here)

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This is what we offer

Club trainings

With four beginner classes, two intermediate I classes, one Intermediate II class and one advanced class there’s something for everyone! We usually use four static poles and one spinning pole in every lesson.

Every class starts with a general and specific warming-up. After that pole training starts! Sometimes the trainer will focus on strength or flexibility, other times she will teach a choreography and work on technique. The trainer will explain and demonstrate the moves for that lesson and then our members can try themselves. We always end with a proper cooling down and stretching routine to help our members get more flexible and to prevent injuries.


Great activities

Next to the training sessions, we offer a lot of social activities. Every year the board and the AcCie organize fun activities you can attend such as the opening activity, sinterklaas, club weekend, a photoshoot, demonstration lessons or different workshops!

Monthly drinks

Every second Thursday of the month we organize an informal drink with three other associations. We’re talking with the men and women of G.S.K.V Northside Barbell, Deltaserat & G.S.B.V. Pugilice!

The next drinks are going to be special: They’re going to be on a SECRET location that we’ll only reveal a few days before. We’ll reveal the location in the Facebook Event, on Instagram & in the classes group chats!

When? The 12th of April 21.30h. We hope to see you all there!