To keep our association going we need, besides the board, also several committees. If you are interested in one of the committees below, or if you would like to receive more information, send an e-mail to the board. All of the committees can use members! New ideas for new committees are ofcourse always welcome, you can also send them to the board e-mail. The board will eventually decide if the idea can be realized.

Do you want to join a committee?

Noordpole is always looking for new committee members. For this year but also for next year. The committees we have now are AcCie (do you love organizing events?), MediaCie/WebCie (if you like to take pictures & edit pictures and work on our website?), Demoteam (gives poledance demonstrations, not afraid to be on stage), NSKCie (organizes the Dutch student championships 2018 – 2019 that Noordpole is going to host!). Being in a committee doesn’t take up a lot of time, you’ll meet a lot of new people and it’s great for your CV!

Would you like to be in a committee? Are you available for at least a year? Send an email to bestuurnoordpole@gmail.com for more information/to apply!


We are looking for a new board!

Noordpole is looking for a new board for 2018-2019. Would you like tob e on the board of this amazing association?

The Noordpole board is parttime. A board year is a lot of fun, you get to know a lot of new people and of course you’re putting a lot of effort in making the Noordpole the best assoication possible!

We’re going to organize an information day in the beginning of May, where we’ll answer all your questions about doing a board year. Would you like to come & get more information about doing a board year? Send an email to bestuurnoordpole@gmail.com.

For more information about our board year you can check the information below. Or check out our Instagram highlights where we made a selection of all fun things we did together as a board this year!


Every year there are given a few demonstrations (for example during the KEI-week). During these demonstrations there will be given a poledance-performance by 4 or more members, with afterwards or between short workshops. The DemoTeam will make up a choreography and guides the training. Do you want to come up with new choreographs for inside the pole and out? Then send an e-mail to the DemoTeam!

Upcoming demonstration:

KEI week in August

Curent DemoTeam members:
Eva Offens
Marijke Kloosterziel
Wensi Hao
Emma Vrins
Mariëlle van Vilsteren
Anne Rhodé Kok
Jasmine Hentati


Besides poledancing it is fun to go to activities with each other once in a while, like monthly drinks, “Sinterklaas”, Christmas, but also a barbecue at the end of the year. Do you have nice, fun, surprising, exciting ideas about activities and do you want to become a member of this committee? Sent an e-mail to the AcCie!

Current AcCie members:
Voorzitter: Monique Paalman
Amber van Wijk
: Johanna van Pyykkö


An association is, according to the law, obliged to have a ‘kascommissie’. This committee checks the treasurer from the board of the association. The members of this committee are elected annually by the ALV.

Current KasCie members:
Josette Bootsman & Eveline Broers


To keep our site up-to-date we need a webmaster. Are you good with websites, do you want to learn a thing or two about websites or have you always wanted to write posts for a website? Mail to the WebCie!

Current WebCie members:
Hedwig Boer & Eva Offens