The association

G.S.P.V. De NoordPole is the only student pole dance association in the Northern Netherlands! We offer all our members one class a week at ACLO. Additionally there is the opportunity to reserve the room for “open training hours” whenever you want.

We offer classes for all pole levels and currently have about 150 members within our association. We also offer a multitude of different activities for our members every year: monthly social drinks, workshops, club championships, and even a weekend away! The goal is to make our association feel like one big family with lots of opportunities to make new friends.

The association was founded in 2013 by Eveline Broers, Anneke Kastelein, Laura ten Hove and Mei-Jhi Wu. They had a clear goal: to introduce the students of Groningen to the art of pole dancing at an affordable price and in a free-minded and most importantly, accepting environment. Therefore, any student - both Dutch and international - with an interest in pole dancing, regardless of their level, is welcome in our association.


The classes

G.S.P.V. De NoordPole is located at ACLO, which is the student sports centre of Groningen, very close to Zernike. We offer classes for students at any pole level. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, someone who did pole before, or already an advanced poler. All of our classes start with a proper warming-up before the trainer teaches new moves and/or choreography.

Our classes are divided into 5 levels: beginners I, beginners II, intermediate I, intermediate II and advanced. If you are curious about the dates and times of all of our classes, feel free to check our schedule.

The trainers who teach the classes are experienced pole dancers, who make sure to pay attention to the members’ safety during training! You can get to know them on our trainer page. Not only are all of our trainers certified, but most of them started out as members themselves!


The activities

Besides weekly training and optional open hours, all members are welcome to join our monthly social drink in the city center. The monthly social drink gets organized in collaboration with other associations who also train at ACLO.

Additionally we organize a multitude of workshops throughout the year for our members to join, for a few euros. We, for instance, like to organize workshops like: aerial silks, exotic pole dancing, flips and tricks, flexibility and even twerkshops just to name a few. The workshops we offer can and most likely will differ per year.

Every year we organize two photoshoots. One winter photoshoot that normally takes place at our training location and the annual photoshoot that takes place on an external location. Would you like to show off your skills on your socials or have a memento to look back on, then you are more than welcome to get your photos taken.

Every spring we organize our club championships. This is where our members can shine and showcase their own pole dance choreography to us! Apart from that we organize the Dutch Student Championships (NSK) for pole dancing in collaboration with our sister pole dance associations in the Netherlands. This event takes place every other year and every member is welcome to compete!

Lastly, every year we offer a weekend away. We travel to a different city within the Netherlands and often stay in a hostel. We always follow pole dance workshops, but often make sure to add a different type of workshop as well, like aerial hoop. Most years we like to socialize while having breakfast and dinner together and offer our members free time to explore the city. 


Board and committees

Behind the scenes, we are working hard to keep the association as awesome as it is every day! You can meet our current and previous board(s) on their page. We also have different committees filled with lots of amazing active members who are a big help to the board. Check out our committee page or become part of a committee by contacting the board!


Want to know more?

If you have any remaining questions, please check out our FAQ page, reach out to us on our Instagram or contact the board.

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