The Dutch Student Championship (NSK)

we want you blanc

Do you want to organize the NSK in Groningen next year? The Noordpole is planning on organizing the NSK next year. If you'd like to help us organize it and set up a NSK committee, please send an email to!

This year, a new national championship of poledance will take place. Members of the Noordpole have participated in the past and we hope that this will happen again this year! This year the NSK is organized by our sister association Lasya. The NSK will take place on the 16th of June.

Would you like to participate? Click here to fill out the form. You can find the rules here.

Of course the board is going to watch and to support our fellow Noordpolers. Would you like to join us to the NSK? Send an email to!

When: 16th of June 2018
Where:  Radboud Sportcentrum, Heyendaalseweg 141 in Nijmegen
Facebook event: Click here