Dear members,

On the 14th of April the fourth club-championship of G.S.P.V. de Noordpole will take place! You can join in the four different categories (Beginner, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, and Advanced) and for everyone there is another challenge. You can also enter with a friend in all of these categories as doubles.

Take a quick look at the regulations for all the do’s and don’ts for your performance! Please note that the Club Championship performances will be on the X-stages, only beginners are allowed to use the thin poles if they want to. During open hours, you can use the X-stages only if you’ve signed up for the Club Championship and have permission from the board. Please send an email to for permission to train on the X-stages.

Send an e-mail to to sign up (don’t forget to mention your name & level!), and of course invite all of your friends and family to come and watch! Check the Facebook event for more information!

The Duchesses
Naomi, Johanna, Emma, Charissa and Naomi