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For only €31,50 you can become a member at G.S.P.V. De NoordPole for half a year! With your membership you can attend one grouplesson a week, reserve hall 1 at the ACLO, go to our activities and get to know other members by coming to our monthly social drinks!

Please be aware that just your exchange student card is not enough; you need an ACLO card as well! This card is 60 euros annually and can be purchased online, or at the ACLO’s information desk. Please make sure to have your ACLO within two weeks after starting your trainings with us!

Thank you! We hope to see you soon.

Please note: this year’s registrations have closed!

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Terms & Conditions

By signing this mandate form, you
authorize G.S.P.V. De NoordPole to send recurrent collection instructions to your bank to debit your account for your membership until your half year membership ends. A half year starts at the 1st of September till the 31st of January or at the 1st of February till the 30th of June.

I hereby declare that:

  • I want to become a member of G.S.P.V. De NoordPole
  • I accept the rules (‘huishoudelijk reglement’ and ‘statuten’) of G.S.P.V. De NoordPole
  • I agree with a bi-annual membership fee of €31,50 ( for a period from the 1st of September until 31st of January or from the 1st of February
    until the 30th of June.)
  • I am a member of the ACLO.

If you do not agree with the debit, you can arrange for its refund. Please contact your bank within eight weeks from the date on
which your account was debited.
Ask your bank for the conditions.

Want to become a member of de Noordpole?

To become a member of G.S.P.V. De NoordPole you have to fill out the form below. After you click ‘submit’ you will receive a confirmation e-mail that your subscription was succesful. We will try to process your subscription promptly.