Book a workshop

Have you always wanted to join a pole dance workshop with your friends, family, colleagues, or association? Book one at our association! You can book a workshop by filling out the form below.

It’s important to note that we have to reserve the workshop location which takes a few days, therefore it is important to book the workshop at least two weeks in advance so that there is a bigger chance the room isn’t occupied yet. Workshops can only be booked on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 up to 18:00 (a workshop takes 1,5 hours and we will reserve the room for 2).

We give workshops to groups from 8 to 20 people. If you booked a workshop for 8 people and someone falls ill you can still follow the workshop, but will still have to pay for 8 people. The participation fee is €10,- per person and the invoice will be sent around the time the workshop takes place. Please don’t forget to describe your group to us, so we can find a trainer that would fit well with your group.

Please note that we are experiencing some issues with signups via the website, if multiple tries to sign up are met with an error stating: "The ReCaptcha was not valid, please try again" please instead send us an email with the information you would've sent in the sign up form.  we apologize for the inconvenience.

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