Do you want to become an active member at our association? Joining one of our committees might be the thing you’re looking for! You can check out our committees below and contact us.


Besides the regular training schedule and open hours, we like to organize many activities each year for our members to join. The board suggests different activities to be organized, but the AcCie also has the freedom to propose activities to the board. Would you like to organize activities like a twerkshop, potluck dinner, aerial silks workshop or maybe a completely different activity like ice skating? Then the AcCie is the committee for you!


Current AcCie members:

  • Hester Bouma
  • Sofia Teixeira
  • Lizzy van Riet


Pole dancing includes many different beautiful shapes. As a member it is a lot of fun to see yourself progress. Taking pictures is an amazing, very fun and helpful way to monitor your progress. Therefore, we organize two yearly photoshoots, the winter photoshoot and the annual photoshoot. Our PhotoCie helps the board with the organization of these shoots. Do you like to take pictures and to organize activities? Then the PhotoCie is the committee for you!


Current PhotoCie members:

  • Wiebke Klink
  • Harry Scharke



Any website needs a webmaster to organize the website! Are you good at upkeeping websites or would you like to learn how to do so? Then the WebCie is the committee for you!




To promote our lovely association, G.S.P.V. De NoordPole gives regular demonstrations at different events with the DemoTeam! Do you want to collaborate with the other DemoTeam members to create new choreographies, in and out of the pole, and showcase your skills at the demonstrations? Then the DemoTeam is the team for you!


Current members:

  • Joanna-Ritta Abi Matar


Any association is obligated to have a “kascommissie”, which checks the activities of the treasurer of the board and gives money related advice when asked/needed. Members of the KasCie consist of previous treasurers.


Current KasCie members:

  • Nicky Palmans
  • Ines Szulc
  • Femke Poesse

Raad der Wijzen

Last but not least, there is the “Raad der Wijzen”. This is the advisory committee of our board, which often consists of either former board members or experienced members of our association.

Current RdW members:

  • Toke Heerkens
  • Laura Penninga
  • Michelle Warta


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