Do you want to become an active member at de NoordPole and join one of our committees? Check out our committees below and send an email to bestuurnoordpole@gmail.com to apply!

Being in a committee does not have to cost much time, and you get a lot in return; you get to know more people, can organize fun activities, help our association grow and it’s a good addition to your resumé. Even when you’re doubting your skills; give it a try and sent a short motivation. We would like to invite and stimulate everyone to become a part of our association and to give everyone a change to grow. For everyone there is a fitting committee, and your application can make the difference within our association.

Would you like to sign up for a committee or want to receive extra information? Sent an e-mail to the Commissioner of internal affairs (or CIA) through  bestuurnoordpole@gmail.com 💌

Do you have another idea about a committee? And would you like to start your own? We are always open for ideas, so send an e-mail with your idea to discuss the possibilities!

Our committees

Besides doing a *lot* of poledancing, of course we love to do fun activities with each other as well, such as the monthly drinks, “Sinterklaas”, Christmas and a barbecue at the end of the year! Do you want to organize fun, exciting activities? Send an e-mail to the DemoTeam!

Current KasCie members

Monique Paalman

Amber van Wijk

To promote our lovely association, de NoordPole gives regular demonstrations at different events with at least four members of the DemoTeam! Do you want to make new choreographies, in and out of the pole, and show off your skills at these demonstrations? Join the DemoTeam!

Of course having lots of photos of our beautiful sport and members is very important to us, which is why we have a PhotoCie! Do you like taking pictures and do you want to get better at it in our committee? Send an e-mail to the PhotoCie!

Current PhotoCie member

Charissa Moorrees

Any website needs a webmaster to organize the website! Are you good at making websites or would you like to learn it? Send an e-mail to the WebCie!

Current WebCie members

Chayenne van Varsseveld

Laura Penninga

Any association is obligated to have a “kascommissie” which checks the treasurer of the board!

Current KasCie members

Johanna Pyykkö

Josette Bootsman