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For our members we have a forum where you can sell your (poledance)items, share fun poledance related things and have insight into the pictures of our events. To visit the forum, click the button below.

We have something very exciting for all of our members! You might have seen this already on we now have a “Members Only” page. Oeh what’s this? This page will direct you to our “members only forum”. A forum? YES HONEY a forum! As you know, we at de Noordpole all have one thing in common: our LOVE for poledance. Thus besides keeping the website up to date the WebCie created this forum for us! So sweet of them.

On this forum our members can now communicate with each other and make threads to exchange everything poledance related, for example: clothes, accessoiries, information about poledance and sooooo much more (yes you can finally sell those Pleasers, kneepads and shorts you haven’t been wearing since 2016). Amazing right!

To get access you need to have an account ofcourse. You can register for an account by using the link on the page, after that you will get an email and you just have to confirm! Easy peasy!

P.s. The board checks whether you are registered as a member at our association, so external people can’t join our forum. Sooo sorry! But we already mentioned: members only! This forum is brand new so if you encounter difficulties, have some feedback then send an email to

Go now: register, discover the forum and exchange information about poledance! Sell those pleasers.


As a member, you can sign up and make an account. BE AWARE: We will check your account first, to see if your e-mail address matches the one you signed up with.

If you used another e-mail address, please let us know by sending an e-mail to!

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