Registrations are closed!

We’ve welcomed a lot of new, enthusiastic members in our association this year! Therefore, this year’s registrations have closed. We wish all of our members good luck this year!

New Merchandise for our members

We have new merchandise! Go to the Merchandise section in the menu to view the products that are for sale.

Want to become an active member?

We are looking for members who would like to be more active within our association. We have a few committees where you can become active. The committees that are currently looking for more members are:

  • AcCie– When you like organizing events and to look for new ways to create a ‘groupfeeling’ within our association. A few examples of activities organized by the AcCie last year are an aerial silks workshop, the beloved annual photoshoot and SUPping!

  • MediaCie/WebCie – When you like to be in charge of the Noordpole website. This includes changing and updating the Noordpole website and the forum. Do you study IT, do you have experience with building websites or do you like to learn it? Become a member of the WebCie!

  • PhotoCie– If you have a passion for photography, or you like to make photo’s during events and workshops, or when you like to organize for example an extra photoshoot: Join the PhotoCie!

  • Demoteam– When you like to perform in a team and want to give poledance demonstrations, make choreografies or when you like to show what de Noordpole has in store!

  • NSKCie– Lastly, when you would like to organize the Dutch Championships of 2018-2019, join the NSKCie!

Being in a committee does not have to cost much time, and you get a lot in return; you get to know more people, can organize fun activities, help our association grow and it’s a good addition to your resumé. Even when you doubt about your skills; give it a try and sent a short motivation. We would like to invite and stimulate everyone to become a part of our association and to give everyone a change to grow. For everyone there is a fitting committee, and your application can make the difference within our association.

Would you like to sign up for a committee or want to receive extra information? Sent an e-mail to the Commissioner of internal affairs (or CIA) through 💌

Do you have another idea about a committee? And would you like to start your own? We are always open for idea’s, so sent an e-mail with your idea so we can discuss the possibilities!