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You can become one of our members by filling out the form below. Note that you HAVE to also be an ACLO member to actually become a member of G.S.P.V. De NoordPole. You can purchase your ACLO membership here. You can choose between two memberships, an annual membership (€54,50), or a bi-annual membership (€32,50).

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Terms & conditions

By signing this mandate form, you authorize G.S.P.V. De NoordPole to send recurrent collection instructions to your bank to debit your account for your membership and your bank to debit your account on a recurrent basis in accordance with the instructions from G.S.P.V. De NoordPole.

I hereby declare that:

I want to become a member of G.S.P.V. De NoordPole

I accept the rules (‘house rules’ and ‘statutes’) of G.S.P.V. De NoordPole

I agree with an annual membership fee of €54,50 OR

I agree with a bi-annual membership fee of €32,50

I am a member of the ACLO.

If you do not agree with the debit, you can arrange for its refund. Please contact your bank within eight weeks from the date on which your account was debited. Ask your bank for the conditions.

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