Hi everybody!

My name is Mariëlle and I’m 31 years old already. I’ve started pole dancing 8,5 years ago at this beautiful student association, and started my teaching journey 4,5 years ago. I started with the beginners intermediate groups and am now teaching intermediate II and advanced. I’ve also been very active with a consistent DemoTeam in the past, and been a member of the RdW. So, my pole passion was born and raised here. I also have my certificate intermediate II instructor, advanced instructor, certificate on how to spot and I became a stretch instructor. I also participated in two competitions.

In my daily life I’m a behaviour scientist in a youthcare organization for four days a week. Now, I am a proud co-owner of Groningen’s first pole dance studio - The Poleground, sharing our passion and broadening this sport within the North.

My all time favorite move is the iron-x, nemesis move is consistent deadlift in static and spinning, spatchcock and the bird of paradise. I also would love to work more on low flow and dancing around the pole.


My name is Nonja Miljoen and I have been a trainer at G.S.P.V. De NoordPole since 2015. I’m also a social worker and psychiatric nurse at Lentis.

In 2011 I started my poledancing journey in a small hall behind a sandwich bar. There, I have met amazing new friends, one of them now being my sister in law. I live together with my husband and amazing son, Milan.

My favorite pole dance move is the ayesha and my nemesis move is the phoenix spin.


Hey, my name is Toke and I started my pole dance journey in September of 2018 after doing a trial lesson. Over the years, I’ve done some competitions and I am planning to compete more in the future. At the start of 2021, I was asked to teach beginners and intermediate I. I love both my groups, it’s amazing to introduce new people to the sport and see them grow over the years.


Over the past years, I have also seen the association in different ways due to my active role in committees and a year on the board. Besides pole dancing, I’m active as a bioinformatic. When it comes to favorite moves I love the ones that take a lot of control, like a swing up handspring or handstand turns. My nemesis is definitely anything that requires a lot of flexibility including but not limited to the splits.


Hi all!


My name is Laura, I'm 21 years old and I've been pole dancing since I was 16. I teach the first Beginners I group on Sundays since September 2022. Since I was a TA for the same group before becoming a teacher, I've really enjoyed seeing their progress and getting to know everyone's skills in pole!


I've been with the association for five years now, and have been active in multiple other ways: I was the board's Secretary in 2020-2021, am in the website committee and advisory committee, and used to be in the activity committee. I love seeing the association grow and improve all the time. 


I graduated in International Communication and am now a support engineer by day / bartender by night (on the weekends, of course).


My favourite move is probably the Teddy or Ayesha. I love trying to make the really hard moves look easy. My nemesis move is the shoulder mount. Hopefully with a lot of practice, I'll get it one day!

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