G.S.P.V. de NoordPole

Groninger Pole Dance Association

About our association

G.S.P.V. De NoordPole: the only student poledance association in the North Netherlands! All of our members get classes at ACLO once a week, and the opportunity to reserve the room for training whenever they want.

Currently, we have about 150 awesome members. There’s more in it for our members than just training: we also offer multiple social events per month, and monthly workshops! We make sure that the association feels like one big family.

We are still taking members for the year 2022-2023! Are you excited to become a member already? Head over to our registration page to sign up. Or contact our board for a trial lesson first!

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

View our training schedule

Visit our training schedule to see which trainings are given on which date, time, and by which trainer!

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A demo by our Democie!

What we offer

Fun Activities

Next to the training sessions, we offer a lot of social activities. Every year, our activities committee (the AcCie) organizes fun activities you can attend, such as the opening activity, Sinterklaas, club weekend, a photoshoot, demonstration lessons and several workshops!


We have four beginner classes, two intermediate 1 classes, one intermediate 2 class, and one advanced class, so there’s bound to be something for you! In the trainings we focus on both strength and flexiblity.

Monthly Drinks

Every second Thursday of the month, we host an informal drink with three other associations: G.S.K.V. Northside Barbell, Deltaserat, G.E.A. Fairplay and G.S.B.V. Pugilice! You can always find more details about our social drinks at our Facebook page, through the newsletter and in the group chats.