Pizza Party! @ Happy Italy
Sep 15 @ 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

You may have already read a message on this in your group chat but the candidate board is organising an introductory Pizza Party! On Thursday the 15th of September we will meet each other and have pizza together! This event is completely free and perfect if you’re new to the association and want to meet your fellow members outside the pole dancing classes. The pizza eating will commence around 19:30 and will be outside in case of awesome weather or somewhere inside in case of rainy/cold weather. Any dietary restrictions will be taken into account!

Mixed Social Drinks @ Het Pakhuis
Sep 23 @ 8:30 PM

The first social drinks of the year, together with other sports associations, among which G.S.S.V. Donar, Northside Barbell, G.S.B.V. De Mattekloppers and G.S.B.V. Pugilice, will be on September 23rd! Time to get dancey!

Transfer GMA @ Willem-Alexander Sports Centre
Sep 27 @ 7:15 PM

The current and the candidate board hereby invite you to our transfer GMA. This will take place on September 27th at the Willem Alexander Sports Centre and will start at 19:15 sharp. Doors will open at 19:00. As a member of an association, you have a vote in the General Members Assembly. In this GMA, we will vote on the change of boards and the planned budget for the upcoming year. Important stuff, which you have a say in!

Do you already know you cannot make it to the GMA, but you still want your voice to be heard? We ask you to authorise someone to vote for you. We will share the proxy-form with you in the invitation as well! Every attendee can be authorised to vote, this includes the current board and candidate board. Every attendee can hold two authorisations.